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Dogs butchered in horrific video exposing Indonesian meat trade

Horrifying footage shot inside an Indonesian slaughterhouse shows dogs being beaten and left to bleed to death as part of the cruel meat trade.
The upsetting video was shot as part of an undercover sting by animal welfare groups in the city of Surakarta, Java, where up to 13,500 pooches are killed for their meat each month.
Canines arrive on trucks at the meat factory and are bound in sacks before being thrown into cages. Their mouths are also bound to stop them from barking before they’re beaten unconscious with planks of wood.
In the footage shot by Dog Meat Free Indonesia, pooches are seen crying and whimpering as they look on while other canines’ throats are slit — many while still conscious — and are left to bleed out.

According to Change for Animals Foundation, the welfare group which led the investigation, the dogs are both strays taken from the street and beloved pets stolen from people’s homes.
The foundation called on the Indonesian government’s Ministry of Agriculture to keep the promise it made last September of tackling the dog and cat meat trade.
Change for Animals Foundation spokeswoman Lola Webber described the fear in dogs’ eyes as “unforgettable.”
“Dogs are captured from the streets and stolen from people’s homes to be taken on long journeys — often lasting for days — tightly packed in pick-up trucks or in hessian sacks, their mouths bound shut so they can hardly breathe,” she said in a statement.

“They are then taken to filthy slaughterhouses where they watch others being slaughtered as they wait their turn, trembling in fear.”
It’s believed that 7% of the Indonesian population eats dog meat but do so with great risk in a country where rabies is rife.
In the video, one dog meat seller admits to selling up to 132 pounds of meat a day — what she estimates to be about five dogs.
Campaigners pushing to end the trade include comedian Ricky Gervais and Downtown Abbey actor Peter Egan, who toured a dog meat market in Indonesia last month.
“Dogs serve mankind loyally and deserve to be treated with compassion and respect,” Egan said.

“The dogs and cats caught up in these egregious trades are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night.”

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