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10 Weird Things You Saw Your Husky Do

#1- She destroyed a bible  I mean napkins edges of the house was totally normal to me but the Bible.

#2- She smiles

#3- And then there was this position 😑 idk what it’s called but she always played under the chairs and put her paw on top and the other on the bottom

#4- When I ask him if he wants to go for a walk.

#5- No dogs allowed at the table. Although he knows which child will sneak a space for him next to her

#6- shes a weirdo
#7- always drinking up all my beer

#8- Kiya 6 last Dec, I got her as a 7-week old puppy. She uses to suck on my thumb as a baby now she sucks on her back paw
#9- Apollo looking for the pizza that’s in the oven

#10- Watch T
#11- Climb on my outdoor tables to look into my house. My dog locked himself in the bathroom...I wasn't sure if laughing or crying.

My dog was protecting me from my coffee maker she did not like the sounds it was making

She was barking at an intruder, never realising it was a reflection of her  I even opened the oven, she still wasn't sure there's no one there

Our husky would always follow my man everywhere when he put his towel on his shoulder, flip flops on he knew it was pool time, and went to fetch his balls and guided Jonjons to the pool, he was super cute and so clever. Miss Thor so much xx...

Apollo standing at my kitchen sink, trying to turn on the water, his water bowl was dry, unfortunately, my phone was dead so I didn’t get any pics

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