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The Best Guide to the Canine Victims on Titanic

Find out here the last fate of the twelve Titanic´s dogs.
There were not just people on the sinking ship. But there were also dogs along the board, whose final minutes are unusually well remembered. There´s even an all false myth about a hero dog and his bravery. Below, you can discover all you must know about Titanic´s pets victims.
How many dogs were there on the sunk ship? according to Joanna Lou – a New York City-based researcher and writer – there were twelve dogs on Titanic. Only three were among the survivors.
Which dogs survived the drowning? the three canine survivors share one characteristic: minuteness. They were very small that people on the lifeboats didn´t pay attention to their presence. One dog was Pekinese and two were Pomeranians.
´Lady´ is the name of one Pomeranian. Its owner is a French woman – Miss
Margaret Hays from Paris – who wrapped it in a blanket at the evacuation moment.
´San-Yat-Sen´ was the name of the Pekinese and was the buddy of Henry S.Harper and his wife, inheritor to Row and Harper, a publishing company based in N.Y.. when Harper was asked about saving them instead of other people. He said ´´ there seemed to be lots of room, and nobody made any objection´´.
Unfortunately, the dogs that couldn´t survive were all weighty. There were a few Airedales, a French Bulldog, a Fox Terrier, a Great Dane and a King Charles Spaniel. One family owner got an insurance settlement for losing their two dogs. Another woman, the owner of the Great Dane, refused to evacuate and let him behind, and they both died.
What happened to the dogs during the sinking of Titanic?
Taking care of the dogs was the job of the ship´s carpenter. They exercise and get a daily bathroom with a break once a day. They were kept in kennels on the F deck of the ship. It was expected that the dogs present a show later, but the ship sank before they do so.
Another dog show started while the ship was sinking.  Somebody freed the pets from their doghouses. They run up and down the sloping, sinking floor.

Did any of the dog helped save passengers? No, there´s a famous story of Rigel, a Newfoundland, owned by the First Officer William Murdoch. It is related that, it was well-insulated and big, Rigel could bear the freezing waters. As the rescue ship Carpathia arrived, Rigel could bark loud enough so that the rescue ship´s captain could determine the location of lifeboats.
This story has never been confirmed and is totally false. No official information exists confirming that William Murdoch ever having a black Newfoundland on board. No one of the survivors mentions Rigel.

What about cats? Titanic had an official cat, named Jenny. And there were probably other cats that were used to keep mice and rats away. All the cats perished. 

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