Pros of Adopting a Pug: Pugs Are The Sweetest Dogs You'll EVER Have The Chance To Meet. - We Save Dogs Life

Pros of Adopting a Pug: Pugs Are The Sweetest Dogs You'll EVER Have The Chance To Meet.

·     Great apartment dog. Although a pug will spend time outdoors, as well, they don't need a lot of physical activity or space (unlike huskies, for example), so they will feel just fine in small apartments or houses.

·     Great family dog. Friendly with children, and very happy in the presence of other people. You can easily travel with a pug on vacations (by car, not by plane).

·     Great and funny personality. The word "pugnacious" probably comes from "pug", and explains its personality best. Many people think pugs are stupid, but I think they are just obstinate and bold. They will confront dogs which are 10 times bigger without blinking, but without being aggressive, either.

·     They can be a good therapist for people who live alone or feel sad. A pug will offer comfort, and will always be there to support you. They will cuddle next to you on the sofa, and never abandon you.
·     Pugs are some of the sweetest dogs you'll ever have the chance to meet. Have you ever met a pug that didn't greet you with kindness and curiosity? They are sweet dogs all around unless you mess with their food/offspring.

·         Personality. My dogs have always been open books. If they're excited about something, you can tell. In fact, you'll probably have to tell for hours on hours. The best thing is that they're excellent at syncing their emotions with yours. Feeling sad and just want to lie in bed all day? Your pug is probably already burrowing under the covers. Feeling productive? Expect your pug to be at your side throughout the entirety of whatever project you're doing, encouraging you with its raspy breath and occasionally sniff.
·         The X factor. There's just something about pugs that you can't really put your finger on, yet it's apparent in almost every pug you'll meet. Maybe it's the way their eyes sparkle and their whole body perks up when introduced to a new person, dog, or, most especially, food. Their passion and loyalty is consistent and never wavers. I can guarantee you that a pug can give you something no other dog can.

Does he bark? Of course! My pug barks only when required. Mostly, when he sees strangers or strange/unfamiliar objects in or around the house.

Does he bite? Yes, my pug has bitten several people and turned them into Zombies.
Kidding! He never bites.

    Pugs are sensitive, intuitive and stubborn, crazy, driven by food. They love you more than they love themselves. You will have to be patient and tolerant around them. They are extremely playful and fearless and great companion dogs. They are funny and have a wonderful temperament. I cannot imagine myself without my pug. but you may disagree with some of them. 

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