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How Do I Stop My Puppy Biting Everything?

Got a puppy a week ago. She’s 9 weeks old today. How do I stop her biting everything? I get she’s playing but I need her to calm down a bit as she’s biting things she's not supposed to. She keeps diving on my other 2 dogs and biting them as well especially my boy chihuahua she’s biting him on his dangly bits and obviously, he’s snapping at her. I need ways of trying to calm her down. She gets too much for them sometimes and we have to put her in her cage just so she can calm down a bit and they can have a break. I feel sorry for her being in there but I kinda have no choice. Also toileting she keeps weeing everywhere yet there is puppy pads around the house. I’ve tried the whole putting her on there and she runs off so I put her back etc but she’s just not getting it, even when she’s in her crate she does it on her blanket yet the pad is right next to it.

 I found that taking the puppy outdoors every 10--15 minutes helped to teach the potty training. As for the is probably still teething and plus puppy's bite to play. I have big bells at the base of our door....our boy rings the bell if we do not see him by the door to go out. Any dog at any age can be taught this. Of course, our little Yorkie still needs a pad near the door...she is almost 15 and never did get the bell thing down.
She’s a 9-week old puppy. She will need time to toilet train. She will bite and chew and play... she’s a puppy. The play will only get more boisterous over the next few months. I know a lot of people who say that pugs are notoriously hard to toilet train. 

You can’t expect your pup to act like an older calmer dog.
get her a little full harness..that always helps and put her toys in the frig so they cool down and give her one when she gets like that..she is teething..always reward with a little treat when you get her to stop so she learns
 My pug took 7 months to train to go outside and I bought mine a baby's teething ring
Pugs are like babies i wouldn't start worrying about the wee thing its normal puppy behaviour
Shes are still young and tiny. Maybe try toys to keep her occupied ie a kong And for peeing pugs can be stubborn it will take time. But shes very little...
use the pee pad to soak up some of her pee and leave out so she picks the scent up.
She is so young, they just don't understand much at this age. Maybe playpen where she can see everyone and have pee pads and toys. Take her out when you can supervise.

That's typical puppy behaviour. She'll learn "manners" from her mama, litter mates and you. Her "pugginess" will (thankfully) keep her playful forever. That's one of the many endearing traits of the breed. Just be patient. Just like keeping a toddler from sticking things in their mouth, the 4 legged kids aren't much different.

As far as a time out, that's ok. If she's spending more time "in" than "out" the problem isn't her lol it would be you. Time and patience are needed with a baby. A pug can take 2 years to potty train. Just take her out within 15 minutes of eating and put "pee" pads in her "favourite" spots. Enjoy your baby!!!
Our Molly the same we got her when she was 9 weeks old she rips most of her toys up but put puppy pads down now she barks to go outside to do her business but love her.
Still training our baby we got at 8 weeks. She’s now 10 months. It gets better slowly but surely. She’s still not quite there yet.

Please be patient. It's a lot of work to have a puppy. 24-hour care. Every two hours after eating, sleeping, Since its a puppy, pick him up and take them outside. Have a bell on its collar. Supervision is necessary because they can chew on furniture. If it's too much for you, then you should get an older dog that is already trained from a rescue. Not being mean. Whenever I see people who just have to have a puppy, it's like a baby. It comes with responsibility and training. If this one chews on wee pads, then that could be a problem. Closer supervision. There is no "lazy" way around this.

 Puppies are a lot of work, maybe do some research on what you can expect and need to do to teach her to be safe and learn. You can't expect a lot at that age, but you keep working on it. If she piddles on the floor wipe it up with a puppy pad and leave that pad down so next time you put her on the pad she smells it and it helps them to realize what they are for. Take her out when she wakes up, eats, and every so often. The other dogs will teach her not to bite but you can say no to her when she does it and pull her away and she needs toys to chew on and to offer when she chews something she shouldn't. And while you can give her time out in a cage it should never be used for punishment if you are going to keep her in it at other times or it will confuse her. Again I'd read up on what you can do cause she's so precious and she will bring you much joy!

Hmmmm she is 9 weeks old. It's a typical puppy play. We have 3 dogs too and 2 of them are a boxer and a pug that are the same age and they still play and "play" bite each other. The boxer is a female and she has torn every blanket when we crate her. And it's ok, she is only 1 1/2 years old. Our oldest boxer is almost 11 yrs and has never torn anything. Dogs are like children, some take a little longer to train but yours is so young that I don't understand why you are already frustrated. I take her of it's too much for you.

Our Henry was like that biting nipping at everything peeing anywhere. Regular times for potty outside like every hour or less depends he is 9 months and is a lot better an accident once in a while now he can last 3 to 4 hours before having to go outside. We crate him if we have to go out he likes it in there it's his little safety home.
Took Darth 8months to be fully potty trained I know pugs and Frenchies have issues with learning how to go potty outside Darth stopped biting me when he was 6months it’s going to be s long ride... I just shoved toys in his mouth every time he bit me wear long clothing and give your older dogs time away in a different room while you tire your puppy out then rejoin them

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