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Dog Food Secrets: Is This Worth You Spending Money On?


 Dog food has certainly progressed in recent years with a lot more science behind it all than ever before and this can largely be seen in the various adverts and marketing materials produced by the dog food manufacturers that all claim that their product is the best. The truth of the matter is that there are various dog food secrets that you really should know about and Dog Food Secrets Review written by Andrew Lewis is a book that aims to tell you the truth about what really goes on in the pet food industry. The commercials that you see are very well put together and love to paint a particular picture of the industry, but do they hide the truth about what actually happens? Why should you listen to what Andrew has to say? This review aims to answer those questions.
What Is In Dog Food Secrets?
Obviously, it makes sense to really look at what is in the book to allow you to decide if it is something you would like to buy and as the name suggests its sole subject is to look at dog food. During the book, Andrew looks at the commercial dog food business and uncovers some things about it that will undoubtedly shock dog owners as he spells out the various dangers of feeding them something that the manufacturer would lead you to believe is the best thing you can give your pet. After reading it, you will quite probably want to take action immediately.
As the book tells you about the dangers of commercial dog food, it does also then balance the situation by taking you through an alternative way to feed them without putting their health at risk. The information that is provided in this section does go against everything that commercial companies say as they will state that homemade dog food is bad for them, but it is important to remember that they will say that to entice you into buying their product, but Andrew shows how that is not the case especially when you hear that homemade dog food can help your dog to live up to eight years longer.
Finally, most people will not know how to make this homemade dog food, but you are also provided with a recipe section that offers you step by step instructions on what to do. These recipes will also then show how to make sure that your dog gets all of the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and also how these nutrition values need to change according to their age, their general health, and also how active they are.
Why Andrew Lewis Was Prompted Into Checking Out The Industry
By understanding what prompted Andrew into studying the pet food industry it does mean that you will find it easier to take on board the information that appears in the book. The sole event that triggered all of this research was actually the death of his four-year-old beagle as Andrew then decided to look at what may have contributed to the illness that claimed the life of his dog. During this search, he discovered that the apparently healthy dog food was not all that it seems and he had, in essence, poisoned his dog simply by what he fed it.
Clearly, this discovery did initially add to his anguish, but it also prompted him into writing Dog Food Secrets as it became his aim to prevent other dog owners from doing the exact same as him and stop them from losing their pet. What his research has done has allowed him to find out what really goes into the production of dog food along with working out what a dog really needs when it comes to nourishment and, as a result, stay healthy and live for longer. The hope is that by reading this information you will be able to help your dog and avoid running into the same problems as he did a few years ago.
What Are The Best Parts Of Dog Food Secrets?
There are a number of real positives connected to this particular book and one of the first positives is that there have been years of research carried out prior to it being written and you can benefit from all of that research just by reading one single book. On top of that, you are taught in easy to understand language all about the bad side of the dog food industry and shown why you really do need to make some changes to what you feed your own pet because you may be actually harming them even though you have been tricked into thinking they will be healthier by eating various brands.
The book does, of course, help to take you in another direction when it comes to feeding your dog, which includes how to make their food yourself, and it explains in basic terms once again how you cannot only improve their health, but also extend their life and your dog will, in turn, also be a lot happier than before and you can spend more time together and enjoy one another's company. By feeding them the correct food it does also mean that with them being healthier you will save yourself money on veterinary bills and to top it all off the book comes with a 60-day money back guarantee should you purchase it and feel that it is not for you.
Are There Any Negatives With The Book
In short, no there are no negatives with the book as it is not written to promote certain brands where you could claim it was produced as a marketing tool, but instead, it has been written by another dog owner who is just a normal person like the reader. All it does is it looks beyond the marketing that is pushed in front of you and lets you see how you can make the life of your dog a lot better.

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