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12 Pros Of Owning A Husky

They are very friendly. They love children. They are easy to train if you show them that you are the alpha of the pack. They do not bark.


1.      they will keep you active. You cannot be lazy with a husky. And as long as you exercise them well (best is to take them to the dog park in the morning if you can) they will be tired eventually.

2.      they love people. They love kids.

3.      Their amazing personalities. They don’t bark. They talk.

4.      Their bond with other Huskies (even ones they don’t live with) is fascinating.

5.      low maintenance. Their coat does not have oils like other dogs. So dirt does not stick to their fur. My dog husky has rolled in the dirt at the dog park and all I did was towel her off by my car (yes, always have a towel), and the dirt was gone. You don’t need to bathe them as much because they shed their fur (which is why you should NEVER get them shaved) so there’s no smell.

6.      they are beautiful dogs.

   7.    Never boring

   8.    Independent, so low the probability of codependence or separation anxiety
   9.    Beautiful beautiful, lots of compliments

   10.    Long endurance if you plan to take them on long hikes and things
   11.    Stay warm very easily in low temps (duh!!)

   12.    Smart babies, easy to train as long as you have treats

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