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the average life span of a pug


        Does anyone know the average life span of a pug? I have had 3 pugs out of all the dogs I have had in my life. One lived to 12 but had to be put down because of an accident. One had to be put down at age 13 do to a parasite in his brain. I have one now, Gus, he is 10 years old! I am just wondering if I will get to spend many more years with him. He is my bud and I have had so many tragedies with my dogs in the past. Boxers being the main breed I dealt with and with Boxers comes lots of cancer issues!
Their life span is between 9-11 ..but there known to out pass there span with good food and vet care and all...

I have two in our rescue right now .. one is 16.5 the other is 17 yrs old.
Now both have issues but hey we all have health issues as we get older .. I have my own as well almost hitting 17 as well .. they can live longer if they have the proper care .. Good genes lol like us.
My previous pug was walking stiffly. At first, I thought it was just arthritis but it got worse. Turned out she had severe hip dysplasia. They gave about 6 months to a year (she made it to 1 1/2). She was almost 12 1/2 when I said “Good-bye”. The vet said I was lucky to have had her that long but bottom line there’s never enough time. I have been heartened by post from this group. Hoping my current boy Oliver has a long beautiful life (but since we never know I’m spoiling my baby (10 months) like crazy.
I just lost a Boxer, Rocky, to cancer last yr. But I was blessed to have him 13 yrs. Lost Louie, a great pug, to cancer at 7. Ethel, a Sr bug rescue, passed at 12 or so. And my daughter lost her pug Elliott after surgery the last yr. I think he made it to 11. I currently have a 10 yr old rescue pug named Rosie & a 4 yr old boxer rescue named Joe. Just enjoy every day they share with you. They're worth it.
They say 12-15 years. My first pug, Butters, was 8 when he got a cancerous tumour between his vertebrae. The tiny tumour cracked his backbone and sadly had to be put down so young.

I just lost my Gus The Pug®. He was 11 years old. Had cancer grow aroun
d his bladder opening. He felt fine and didn’t show any signs of being sick but the growth closed off his bladder and he wouldn’t urinate. Here is him in the way to our goodbye.

I had one live to 18. She was put to sleep because of kidney failure and another that lived to 16.
Charlie turns 13 this July and other than the normal "old man" issues (hip pain and waning hearing & sight) he is very healthy. Grumpy but healthy.
I had to put one of mine down at 12 Years Old don’t know what happened he just started losing weight and couldn’t stand up and he started going to the bathroom on himself never knew what caused that but he was suffering.

 I was told about 13 years from my old vet anything over that is a bonus and it was because of the breed and airway problems they have but my baby girl lived to be 18 till we had to put her down because of fluid around her heart and we where told she was suffering.

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