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8 tips to take care of a pug?

Don’t just pet your pug, pick him/her in your arms and go nose to nose with that fluffy bundle. They love it and you will love it too.
  1. let him sleep in your bed with you. Just let him/her pee right before going to the bed and he/she won’t do again till morning. Control their diet. They eat and eat and eat and still look hungry. They can practically eat anything that’s not edible and still be choosy when it comes to things they should eat. They get crazy for a tomato so don’t let them taste it in the first place.
  2. Pugs are lazy so make sure you walk them enough.  Pugs were meant to be bed-warmer so they enjoy being with us in the bed. It will not only help in creating trust in the early days but also keep them comfortable. Pug can play tug of war for 15 minutes-20 minutes in one stretch (at least mine). They are extremely happy if left around kids, feel free to do it without worrying about the kids. My pug was in the house with 14–15 kids (2 weddings) totally unattended and she didn’t even bump any kid.
  3. Put on the cloth on them at the first hint of winter and naturally make their place cool before it gets even a little hot. They are sensitive to temperature and get sick easily.
  4. Get a few toys to play and do play with them. Tug of war is mostly their favourite. DON’T leave your pug out (balcony, terrace, lawn, garden) in direct sunlight EVER. Even a short duration like 2–3 minutes can be life-threatening for them.
  5. Do let your pug follow you, lick you, worship you. They crave for attention and live for you. Its true for any dog but pug has just one motive and that is to follow you. If you will go to the bathroom he will wait for you by the door, if you are sitting on a chair, he will be below that chair and if you are sleeping on the bed, he will be sleeping where your head is.
  6. They shed A LOT. You will find their hairs everywhere so brace for it. Brush him/her regularly. Keep your pug’s schedule fix. Make a fixed time (and quantity) for lunch, dinner and walk. It keeps them comfortable and makes them feel safe. It has an added benefit that you will notice if your pug is eating less than normal or walk than normal and figure out if anything is wrong with him.
  7. Pugs are extremely careful with kids so you have to watch that kids don’t hurt him with their curiosity. They won’t hurt the kid to save themselves. Young pup doesn’t sleep much in the day. After 2 years of age, you can expect your pug to sleep as much as 18 hours a day. You will sometime even feel that something is wrong with your but its just how pugs are. They make hundreds of snoring sound.
  8. They are small but they don’t know it and pick fights with big dogs very quickly so beware. Remember a pug can catch a cold and heat very easily. Don’t assume that dogs can cope with the weather better than us.

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