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7 advices to get your pug loses pounds

                 Need help from my fellow pug lovers. I took my pug to the vets last night for his annual vaccination, all good but was told he is slightly overweight, he is 9kilos and 3 years old. Can you send me pictures of portion sizes of food and what food is best including healthy treats so I can get a few pounds off him. Thank you.

Honestly, get a second opinion. And for food, go to a local store that isn’t a box chain and talk to them; they are knowledgeable about appropriate food. Don’t get ones with grains. Cut down slowly on the food. I feed mine wellness core grain free small breed (the pink and brown bag... the raw rev version of that is fine too) and give them 2/3c a day. I put less weruva wet food on top (unless you don’t use a topper, then ignore). A walk per day shed their extra pounds quickly.

I use the Honest Kitchen base mix. I cook a turkey burger. I used a little less of 1/4 cup of base mix. Mix with hot water and I used about the same amount of turkey burger and added to the base. My vet wanted her to lose 2 pounds and she did! I also walk her and when the weather is better we go to the dog park. Now I feed her a little more of base mix and turkey burger to maintain her weight.
Ask the vet what he recommends, we fed our the different stages. Royal Canine. Tried other brands always went back. Good luck

 in Connecticut, I use the cap of a large jug of laundry detergent. It's exactly 3/4c. And the food I use says 1& 1/2 cups a day so split in half is 3/4cup.

 My girl, Harley, weighs 21#. I have cut her back to 1/4 cup twice a day. Still not losing. How can I get her to eat vegetables? I would love for her to chew on small carrots, but she wants nothing to do with it. She loves spinach cooked. But that's it. She needs something to fill her up some.

My girl was overweight too. They are so food - oriented, I measured her food (very strictly) 1/2 cup fed 2x /day ... i mix some wet with her dry because she has lost some teeth ( puppy mill ) She hates vegetables! But she loves apples (cut up) I do give her some peanut butter so that she doesn’t feel like I am starving her ... she is down to 18# from 25#... its a constant struggle, but she feels better.
We use 1/2 cup twice a day of Wellness Core Reduced food, add pumpkin or plain yogurt in the evenings. Frozen green beans, baby carrots for snacks.

My pug was 15 pounds when spade just before I adopted her last July. By September she had blown up. I started then feeding her wellness core reduced small breed and reduced calorie wet food. 1/2 cup twice a day. And I am walking her and she has a yard to play in. She is still 23 pounds and not losing. Had blood work done and all good. Don’t know what else to do besides limited diet food and exercise!

My boys dropped weight but still looked healthy with: a daily exercise (walk.. does not need to be too long yay for small dogs!); 2/3c dry Wellness core grain free small breed once a day with 1 to 1.5 tsp of Weruva wet food topper, adding a tiny amount of water to mix it all together; and cutting back on treats (no bully sticks or greenies at all; only whimzees and once in a while a big yak chew that’d take them forever to go through). I highly recommend two treats brands: Pet Greens and Vita Essentials (freeze dried). Anything simple, esp freeze dried) without the “cookie” look (which has filler grains). Even healthy treats need to be reduced in frequency and amount, just like regular feeding. i hope this helps your girl too!!

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